Nick Levitin 
I have been an actor, director, and photographer. Now in my 70s, I have recently discovered clay sculpting.  It is the first thing I have ever done for the pure pleasure of it.  This past summer we spent some time in the Berkshires.  In Stockbridge, we visited Chesterwood, the home and studio Daniel Chester French who was an American sculptor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, best known for his design of the monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The studio was a dramatic space filled with many stone sculptures and a side room devoted to make clay miniatures of the sculptures he planned on carving out of stone. I was enthralled by these clay pieces and upon returning home, I went to our local art store, purchased some clay and some tools and went to work. The works presented here were done without any classes or training of any sort. I am eager to find classes but so far have not been successful. I hope you find the work worth looking. At the moment, I am